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Related Sites

ebXMLIndia.org aims to work, in a complementary role with the primary OASIS UN/CEFACT initiative, to promote the use of global standards in India and help in the creation of an information society. This body strives to assist in the education of user communities, developers and business experts on ebXML and to provide key information focused on the particular needs of the Indian user community.

ebXML Forum
This online publication, also available free-of-charge to subscribers, features original reports of new ebXML implementations, vendor announcements of ebXML solutions, reports from the ebXML technical committees and supporting standards organizations, and news from industry meetings related to ebXML.

freebXML.org aims to foster the development and adoption of ebXML and related technology through software and experience sharing. It provides a centralized site for 'free' ebXML code and applications as well as development and deployment experience. freebXML.org is sponsored by the Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development and the Department of Computer Science & Information Systems at the University of Hong Kong. Founding members include technical leaders from international technology firms, government organizations, standardization bodies and academic institutions.

The original XML/edi Group founded in 1998 - A peer group with over 1,500 members, hosted by DISA.org, that provides practical business focused resources and information on eBusiness and ebXML implementing today. http://www.xmledi-group.org

An Interest Group for Australia representatives for the ebXML initiative.

Maintained by the Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce, the Korea ebXML Standardization Website, www.ebxml.or.kr, contains information on ebXML activities in Korea, ebXML Specifications (both in English and Korean), valuable links, and other XML and EDI reference materials.

ebXML Books

ebXML: Concepts and Application
By Brian Gibb and Suresh Damodaran. In this book, two recognized OASIS experts present an authoritative guide for understanding and applying ebXML to today's hyper-competitive, hyper-dynamic global electronic marketplace.

Authored by OASIS Member

Buy this book on Amazon.com

ebXML Simplified: A Guide to the New Standard for Global E Commerce
by Eric Chiu.
The first guide to understanding ebXML and its strategic implementation. This book provides a concise, yet thorough introduction to ebXML and features guidelines for making strategic decisions concerning ebXML implementation. Following an overview of ebXML, the problems it solves, and how it relates to other standards, the author explains how major B2B vendors plan to integrate ebXML into their products.

Authored by OASIS Member

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ebXML: The New Global Standard
By Alan Kotok and David Webber.
This is the first book on the subject of ebXML, and the first overall discussion of the technology written for business people, the ones who make the basic decisions on implementing e-business in a company. http://www.technewslit.com/ebxmlbook.htm

Available in Chinese:
ISBN: 7-115-10319-4

Authored by OASIS Member Buy this book on Amazon.com

Web Services Security
By Mark O'Neill with Phillip Hallam-Baker, Seán Mac Cann, Mike Shema, Ed Simon, Paul A. Watters, and Andrew White. This new book describes XML and Web Services security technologies, including SAML and the WS-Security roadmap, and provides practical examples in Java and C#. The forward is written by Patrick Gannon, President and CEO of OASIS.

Authored by OASIS Member Buy this book on Amazon.com

Professional ebXML Foundations
by Pim Van Der Eijk, Duane Nickull, J. J. Dubray, Colleen Evans, Pim van der Eijk, Vivek Chopra, Wrox Author Team, David Chappell, Betty Harvey, Marcel Noordzij, Jan Vegt, Tim McGrath
This book is for developers who are familiar with XML and who need to understand and apply the ebXML specifications in order implement or integrate with an electronic trading system.

Authored by OASIS Member Buy this book on Amazon.com

Please submit book recommendation for possible inclusion to communications@oasis-open.org.

Education and Training

ebXML Podcasts
Audio interviews (podcasts) were conducted with peer experts on ebXML standards (ISO 15000) in the spring of 2006. The series offers unique, accessible insight into the status and history of ebXML and related technologies advanced by OASIS and UN/CEFACT.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Offers ebXML Training

The UNECE, in co-operation with EDIFRANCE, the French board for electronic data interchange, is now offering training courses to provide decision makers, managers and ICT experts with a solid information base on UNEDIFACT, XML and ebXML technology.

'ebXML: Architecture and Business Processes' course.

Drake Certivo has introduced new Standards-based education courses. One course of particular interest is, 'ebXML: Architecture and Business Processes.' ebXML enables enterprises worldwide to conduct business over the Internet using XML-enabled solutions. This course provides an overview of the ebXML architecture and components, lays the framework for planning and implementation and offers an integrated e-business scenario through a high-level conceptual implementation process.
For additional information, visit www.certivo.net.

Introduction to ebXML
Nicholas Chase
President Chase and Chase, Inc.
June 2002

Whereas EDI for years has provided a usable but expensive way for companies to exchange information in an automated manner, ebXML now provides a means for companies to integrate their processes much more easily. Based on XML, it provides a methodology for business to determine what information they should exchange and how, as well as a set of specifications to allow automation of the process. This tutorial gives an overview of ebXML, explaining how all of the pieces fit together.

Reports and Papers

The Framework for eBusiness, by the OASIS ebXML Joint Committee.

This white paper provides an overview of the ebXML specifications and their relevance. Adoption detail is included. Produced by members of OASIS, this document provides a useful background for those considering implementing the ebXML technology and/or hybrid approaches.

Dennis Krukkert's thesis assignment at the University of Twente, "Matching of ebXML BPSS-defined Processes", is available as part of the OpenXchange project.

Review the New Delphi Survey, 'The Value of Standards'

Delphi has released an in-depth study titled, 'The Value of Standards,' based on the responses of more than 800 end users, software providers and software vendors to identify the current attitudes and expectations for software standards. The overwhelming consensus supports the relevance and significance of standards based software development. http://www.delphigroup.com/research/whitepapers/20030728-standards.pdf

'14 Software Products Certified eBusinessReady™ for ebXML Messaging Interoperability' eBusinessReady™, an industry-neutral software compliance and interoperability testing program under joint partnership of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and Drummond Group, Inc. (DGI) announced that 11 leading solution providers successfully completed the program's ebXML Messaging 2.0 interoperability testing. A total of 14 software products were certified eBusinessReady. EbXML Messaging is a key standard that enables web services, providing secure and reliable messaging for B2B communications.
Companies demonstrating interoperability among their products included bTrade, inc., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cyclone Commerce, Fujitsu, IPNet Solutions, Inc., Sonic Software, Sterling Commerce, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Inc., TIBCO Software, Inc., and XML Global Technologies. Sun Microsystems funded testing scholarships for several of the participants.
An eBusinessReady certified product enables vertical and horizontal interoperability across the supply chain and distribution channels.
EbXML Message Services Interoperability Validation Test

A new research report titled "How ebXML Will Transform the Software Industry" analyzes the implications of ebXML acceptance and adoption on various industry sectors, such as EAI and B2Bi vendors, systems integrators and consulting firms. For a preview, see: http://www.jenzundpartner.de/Publications/ST/ST-EXTS/st-exts.htm. There is a discounted price for OASIS members.

The Telematics Institute has compiled an overview of XML and XML developments and trends, including ebXML. This report can be found at https://extranet.telin.nl/docuserver/dscgi/ds.py/Get/File-11272

Article from a recent ICA Newsletter that looks at the business issues that may need to be addresses in order to take full advantage of XML enabled service interoperability.

General XML resources

The XML Cover Pages [http://xml.coverpages.org/] The authoritative place to start to learn about all things XML.

XML.org [http://www.xml.org] The vendor-neutral clearinghouse for XML resources and information about using XML in industry.

XML.com [http://www.xml.com] Articles about and reviews of XML technology and products.

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