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Project Team Vision and Mission

Vision: An ebXML-based business process integration accomplished by means of a cross-industry global standard. The vision of ebXML with respect to business processes is that organizations be able to express their business processes according to a specification to insure that they are understandable by other organizations thereby enabling integration of business processes.

Mission: The ultimate ebXML goal is to accomplish cross-industry XML-based business process integration. Business events are building blocks that must be understood. We will focus on these to define current process requirements and issues. We will determine the requirements for XML-based information exchange processes in application-to-application, application-to-person and person to person application environments. We will validate the requirements with at least one instance of cross-industry integration.

Project Team Leadership


Scope/Key issues

Given that industry has many "vertical" initiatives in business process modelling, it is critical that they recognize and accept the work of ebXML.

ebXML requires a methodology be selected to specify "vertical" business processes according to a uniform "template" so they can be compared.

ebXML requires industry "verticals," or clusters of "verticals" that are closely related, to work cooperatively with ebXML to accurately specify their business processes using the chosen methodology.

ebXML requires a repository to retain the business process models collected.

Common business process components discovered through comparative analysis of the models shall be submitted as candidates for core components.

Cross-industry or industry-related standards shall be identified as "core components."

Opportunities shall be taken to reduce the number of "vertical" business processes where parts of the processes can be normalized using core components.

Internet technology creates opportunities to re-engineer business processes using common scenarios.

ebXML requires that related efforts in UN/CEFACT TMWG, OAG, OMG, ECO, REDX (Retail Enterprise Data in XML), WFMC (WorkFlow Management Consortium), etc. be leveraged in integrating XML-based business process scenarios.

Audience and Customers

ebXML, Standards Committees and Business Integrators


The deliverables for the Business Process project team and its sub-teams are summarized below. The status of specific deliverables -- specifications and other documentation -- can be found on the Business Process Specifications and Documents page and the the Business Process / Core Components Joing Delivery Team Deliverables page.

Deliverables Users
Business and Functional Requirements (by Dec. 31) Requirements Working Group
Registry and Repository Working Group
Working Group web page/collaboration center (by Jan. meeting) Other ebXML projects
Survey results of current "vertical" XML-based process methodologies (by Jan. meeting) Other ebXML projects
ebXML recognized business process methodology (by May meeting) Other ebXML projects, UN/CEFACT BPAWG & EWG, industry "verticals"
Bring together industry representatives of XML "vertical" initiatives (Aug. meeting) Other ebXML projects and industry stakeholders
Illustrative normalized business process specifications in the ebXML methodology (by Nov. meeting) Other ebXML projects
The meta-model for business process definition - ie. the common terminology and constructs that define/describe the business semantics (e.g. roles, interactions, messages and data) Other ebXML projects
The Proof of Concept of the mappability between two or more existing industry frameworks-e.g. RosettaNet and OAG through ebXML.-Create DTDs for the purpose of validating the meta-model Other ebXML projects
Rules for extensibility for business processes Other ebXML projects
Naming conventions for instances of models and their components (e.g. business service requests should consist of nouns and verbs: "cancelPO " Other ebXML projects
Technical report of analysis completed (by end of ebXML) Other ebXML projects

CC/BP Joint Delivery Team

The Core Components and Business Process Joint Delivery Team manages the project plan for deliverables closely related to Core Components team efforts. The status of the deliverables and links to the deliverables are also maintained on the Joint Delivery Team web site.

Related Efforts


Dependencies of ebXML projects on Business Process Methodology

  1. ebXML requirements
  2. Technical architecture
  3. Core components
  4. Transport routing and packaging
  5. Registry and repository
  6. Marketing, awareness and education

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