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Project Plan

The Joint Core Components/Business Process Delivery Team Project Plan identifies the Core Components and Busienss Process Joint Delivery Team deliverables, dependencies, responsibilities, and target delivery dates. The plan is updated approximately every week. A link to it can be found in the Administration section of the Deliverables page.

The ebXML Project Timeline presentation identifies the available review cycles from Tokyo to Vienna.

Delivery Groups

This work track is integrating the methodology for capturing core components with the Business Process methodology to ensure alignment. This domain also covers alignment with other external methodologies, including the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (TMWG N090).

Here you will also find work on the core component extension methodology relating explicitly to context. Along with a bottom up example.
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This work track is developing the ebXML metamodel and linking it with context classification schemes.
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Analysis Teams
Here much of the core bottom up data analysis is taking place, including documenting semantic definitions and cross industry analysis. Within this track there are several domain groups looking at core component discovery from certain industry perspectives. These include Finance and banking, Customs, Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing and material management.

This track is also focusing on how the results of the core component analysis being produced by the domain groups can be linked to the Registry Repository group.
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The list of deliverables and links to the deliverables can be found on the JDT Deliverables page.

Resources and References

There are a number of resources and references used by the ebXML Core Components and Business Process team. Some of the resources are from ebXML and can be found on the other project team pages. Non-ebXML resources include, but are not limited to, external standards efforts such as the UN/CEFACT Unified Modeling Methodology (TMWG N090).

Conference Call Schedules

Regular conference calls for the delivery groups and their sub-teams are listed below. Please refer to appropriate email lists for telephone conference details (agenda, telephone numbers, and reports). Schedules for ad-hoc conference calls are announced in appropriate email lists.

CC/BP Common Business Process team
Wednesdays. 16:00 GMT (8:00 AM PST). 1.5 hours. Conference Leader: Brian Hayes. Conferences information is announced on the ebxml-ccbp-analysis mailing list (elist archive: ebxml-ccbp-analysis).
CC/BP Context/Metamodel team
Tuesdays. 12:00 pm EDT. Conference Leader: Karsten Riemer. elist archive: ebxml-bp