Drafts: Open for Review

The ebXML specifications listed below are now available for public review.

To comment on any of the drafts below, please use the following format for each comment:

1. Line Range the comment is against

2. Comment

3. Rational for the comment

4. Suggestion for change

Project teams will review each comment and identify the action taken. The complete list of all comments plus the disposition will be part of the next public revision cycle.

If you have any question in regard to the process outlined above please contact the ebXML chair Klaus-Dieter Naujok [knaujok@pacbell.net] via email.


ebXML Technical Architecture Specification v0.9

End of Review Period: 10 Nov 2000

Comments to be sent to the project team list:



ebXML Messaging Services spec v-0.21

Comments from previous review and their dispossition

End of Review Period: 9 Nov 2000

Comments to be sent to the project team list:



Approved ebXML Specification

The following specifications were approved by the ebXML plenary and are therefore final ebXML specifications. ebXML Requirements Specification v1-0.pdf (approved at the Brussels meeting 12 May 2000)

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