Transport, Routing and Packaging:

Project team mission

This project team is focused on defining the specification for a universal business-grade Messaging Service to support the secure, reliable exchange of ebXML messages. 

Project team leadership

  Rik Drummond, Team Lead, Drummond Group
Christopher Ferris, Team Co-lead, Sun Microsystems
  David Burdett, Editor, Commerce One


  Ralph Berwanger, bTrade
  Marc Breissinger, webMethods
  Dick Brooks, Group 8760
  Jerry L Brown, Sabre
  Prof. Juan Cruellas, UN/CEFACT EWG & TMWG
  Philippe DeSmedt, Viquity
  Colleen Evans
  Gordon van Huizen, Progress Software
  Jim Hughes, Fujitsu
  John Ibbotson, IBM
  Ian Jones, British Telecommunications PLC. (BT)
  Henry Lowe, Object Management Group (OMG)
  Dale Moberg, Sterling Commerce
  Farrukh Najmi, Sun Microsystems
  Shumpei Nakagaki, NEC
  Marty Sachs, IBM
  Masayoshi Shimamura, Fujitsu

Project team documents

  Draft ebXML Transport Requirements [PDF] (Updated on 26 May, 2000)
  Approved Draft ebXML Messaging Service Specification [PDF] (Updated on 10 November, 2000)

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