Team Leadership

Martin Sachs Project Leader IBM

Project Team Members

   David Burdett, CommerceOne
   Tim Chiou, United World Chinese Commercial Bank
   Chris Ferris, Sun
   Scott Hinkelman, IBM
   Maryann Hondo, IBM
   Sam Hunting, ECOM XML
   John Ibbotson, IBM
   Kenji Itoh, JASTPRO
   Ravi Kacker, eXcelon Corp.
   Thomas Limanek, iPlanet
   Daniel Ling, VCHEQ
   Henry Lowe, OMG
   Dale Moberg, Sterling Commerce
   Duane Nickull, XMLGlobal Technologies
   Stefano Pogliani, Sun
   Rebecca Reed, Mercator
   Karsten Riemer, Sun
   Marty Sachs, IBM
   Yukinori Saito, ECOM
   Tony Weida, Edifecs

Objectives and Scope

Approved Specifications


Related Specifications

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