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Technical Architecture:
Project team mission

The goal is to develop the technical architecture that will encompass ebXML and commit the architecture to paper (or HTML).

Project team leadership


Anders Grangard, Project Leader, EDI France


Duane Nickull , Editor, XML Global

Brian Eisenberg, Editor, DataChannel, Inc.



Colin Barham, TIE

Al Boseman

Dick Brooks, Group 8760

Cory Casanave, DataAccess Technologies

Robert Cunningham, Military Traffic Management Command, US Army

Christopher Ferris, Sun Microsystems

Kris Ketels, SWIFT

Piming Kuo, Worldspan 

Kyu-Chul Lee, Chungnam National University

Henry Lowe, OMG

Melanie McCarthy, General Motors

Klaus-Dieter Naujok, NextEra Interactive

Bruce Peat, eProcessSolutions

John Petit, KPMG Consulting

Mark Heller, MITRE

Scott Hinkelman, IBM

Karsten Riemer, Sun Microsystems

Lynne Rosenthal, NIST 

Nikola Stojanovic, Columbine JDS Systems

Jeff Sutor, Sun Microsystems

David RR Webber, XML Global Technologies


Global deliverables

1. Technical Architecture Specification - The TA specification aims at defining the technical principles for the ebXML specifications. The architecture will also provide the structure for the other project team as well as the links between them.

The main goals that have been identified so far are


Provide a view for integration of business processes among ad-hoc or established independent business partners by electronic means.


Reduce the need for collaborative business partners to have individual and expensive prior agreement on how to integrate business processes.


Provide a high-level business-centric view of distributed e-business processes.


Support and represent business processes independent of the technical solution.


Provide and support a library of common, standard intra-business processes


Allow for both business processes and enabling technologies to evolve independently while retaining long-term investments in both.


Integrate with new and legacy systems throughout the enterprise


Leverage existing technologies and standards

Current status: The Technical Architecture Specification version 0.9 was submitted to the Quality Review team on October 17, 2000.

2. A Visual Definition - A clear definition of ebXML as a global system (ie datatyping, interoperability). This will be dependent on work being forwarded to us by several other groups. The final definition will be in technical terms and aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences. It will encompass enough details from software vendors to begin adapting current applications.

Design for the definition will be done via a series of non-technical drawings with hyperlinks to technical details for each component. It is very important for a visual representation of ebXML to be available for all to see.

3. Design Rules

We will deliver recommendations for the following:

  1. Clearly state design rules for ALL conforming devices, applications or components. 
  2. Design a strict conformance requirement for ebXML. This is not a debate about choosing schemas or DTDs, rather performance criteria for defining when and where the ebXML must be validated. This deliverable is dependent on input from the ebXML requirements group.
  3. Infrastructure message protocol - a request/response Rule set.
  4. Mechanism's to provide existing systems (EDI, et al) with entry points to the ebXML global architecture. This recognizes an initiative to protect mature EDI systems. This is not saying that you have to use EDI as part of the system.
    NB: The mapping of EDI to an ebXML architecture is out of scope for the ebXML project.
  5. Define technical requirements for repositories (based on input from Registry and repositories group).

4. Working Prototype System - Sample documents/proof of concept applications (working system). We feel it is essential to design an architecture from a practical standpoint. A working model as a proof of concept only.

Current status: On hold. David Webber, Duane Nickull and Matt MacKenzie from XML Global have started working on a system. The proof of concept is currently stalled awaiting input from (i) above.


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