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Registry and Repository Project Team

Mission Statement

The goal of the ebXML Registry Project Team is to define an ebXML Registry Services and ebXML Registry Information Model. 

Project team leadership

Scott Nieman, Project Leader, Norstan Consulting

Yutaka Yoshida, Vice Project Team Leader, Sun Microsystems

Joe Dalman, Editor, TieCommerce USA

Sally Fuger, Co-Editor, Automotive Industry Action Group

Farrukh Najmi, Technical Editor, Sun Microsystems

Scope/Key issues

The ebXML Registry Project Team will use the Unified Modelling Language to model the business use cases, the registry information model and the service interfaces of the ebXML Registry.

The ebXML Registry Project Team must ensure that all existing standards are taken into consideration in determine its architecture and interfaces.

An ebXML compliant registry will support the follow functionality through associations and classification schemes:

  • Discovery of trading partners and their profiles
  • Discovery of business process capabilities and communications specifications
  • Discovery of data interchange specifications used within the context of a business process
  • Retrieval of software component adapters to integrate information into business applications
  • Development of business process models
  • Discovery of core business objects and core components

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