These pages represent the work plan as of the San Jose meeting held in San Jose. This work plan may be used in conjunction with the industry domain groups work in progress pages.

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3 Delivery Track Groups

Established were three work tracks, with participation coming from both core components and business process project teams.

· Metamodel/Context Group · Analysis/Methodology/Patterns · Domains Groups

Metamodel/Context Group

Convener's: Karsten Riemer/Arofan Gregory Activities to include: >Context Refinement Work >Quantifying Context >Specifying sources >Continuing Enhancements to Metamodel >Incorporate TPAML into Metamodel >Link to RepReg: Liaison-Dwight Arthur

Methodology-Processes-Patterns and Analysis Group

Convener: Jim Clark/Sue Probert Activities to include: >TMWG Methodology Refinement >Core Component Methodology Refinement >Analysis and Alignment of Outside Methodologies (RossettaNet, eCo, OAG…) >Patterns Work >Definitions >Establishing Core Components >Establishing Core Processes

Domain Groups

Activities to include: >Analyze industry business areas Roles: >Group leads >Business experts >Business process modellers >Methodology liaisons
Domains Conveners
Mfg/Materials Managemenrt Melanie McCarthy
Finance Stig korsgard
Insurance Andres Schultz
Retail Ravi kacker
Customs Ollie Pekka Pauna
Generic issues group Lisa Seaburg
Lisa Seaburg is co-ordinating a generic group which will cover areas of interest and communication between all domain groups

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