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Context/Meta Model

Convener's: Karsten Riemer & Arofan Gregory

This work track is developing the ebXML metamodel and linking it with context classification schemes.

Activities include refinement of context classification schemes in terms of quantifying context and specifying sources. Refinement and enhancements will also be made to the metamodel incorporating TPAML alignment.

Document listing

Metamodel Document

A high level of collaboration is possible when business partners link their businesses processes through an interface of network computer e-business services that enforce commercial trading agreements modeled as collaborative exchanges of business information, in agreed sequences and within agreed time frames

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BP Schema Document

This document specifies the minimum and sufficient XML expression of an ebXML compliant business process and information model, in order for it to serve as the basis for profiling of trading partners and expression of their agreements, so that these profiles and agreement in turn can serve as the 'configuration' for the business service interfaces that implement the ebXML business collaborations.

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Context Factors Table

Table listing context factors, with a business definition and link to original source material.

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Business Dictionary Metamodel

Business Dictionary contains details of the Information Entities that are to be used to create Business Documents within an organisation.

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Context Document

The purpose of this document is to further describe and exemplify the function(s) of core context component information exchange in XML.

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Business Process/Core Component Alignment

Power point presentation detailing alignment between CC and BP (developed for XML One).

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Business Process/Core Component Alignment Example

BP/CC alignment example used for working and illustrating the group's ideas for the past two meetings. We will use it now to try to define how the Core Component's idea of "Context" aligns with the BP Meta-Model.

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Business Process/Core Component Alignment Theory

This report illustrates Brian Hayes's (business process perspective) understanding of the "Context" concept of the ebXML-Core Components team and how it maps to the B P team's meta-model.

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