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Administration Page

This area of the site covers all aspects of administration. At present you can find the following information at the link below; Project Plan, Deliverables Outline, Agenda to Tokyo, Tokyo Meeting Information, Explanation of the joint delivery tracks, Document submission Template and Issues list.

All documents are listed to the right, with and overview and a download link. These documents are intended for information purposes. They are not intended to be circulated publicly as they are likely to change.

Document Listing

ebXML Document Template

Standard document template for submitting working documents through the approval process.

download here

Vancouver Meeting Info

Download the meeting agenda.

download here

CC Project Plan

Up-dated project plan covering activities directly within the scope of the core component team.

download here

Core Components Issue List

Issues list generated from the meeting in San Jose.

download here

BP/CC Joint Delivery Plan

Details of the joint delivery plan established at the San Jose meeting

link here

Tokyo Meeting Agenda

Core components agenda for the Tokyo meeting.

download here

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