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The Context and Metamodel joint team addresses Core Components and Business Process Methodology issues with respect to Context and the ebXML Business Process Metamodel.


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The schedule for this team is owned by the Core Components and Business Process joint Delivery Team.

Documentation and Deliverables

The deliverable documentation can be accessed via the work-in-progess deliverables page and the draft and approved deliverables page.

Other Documentation

Mailing List Archives
ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.
Meeting Notes
Teleconference meeting notes are available in the ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.

Participation and Mailing List

Your participation in this team and mailing list is welcomed! Sign-up using the ebXML participation form. Then send email to the mailing lists, ebxml-ccbp-context@lists.ebxml.org describing your interests and desired level participation.

Email list correspondence is archived in the ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.