ebXML Metamodel Example

The metamodel example was developed by Jim Clark of Edifecs, Bob Haugen of Logistical Software, from a base model developed by Sig Handelman of IBM and of the Manufacturing and Materials Management Core Components Industry Domain.

The ebxml Metamodel example is avaialable in two forms:

On-line Tour

The metamodel example is availble on-line. You need a web browser that is Java enabled (to make use of the UML model browser).

The ebXML metamodel is highly layered, with a small number of elements in each layer. The layers are:

Roughly, the element decomposition goes like this:

* = a layer
the other line items are hierarchical elements within a layer

* Business Operations Map
    Business Area
      Process Area
        Business Process
          * Business Requirements View
              Business Collaboration Use Case
                * Business Operational View
                    Business Collaboration Protocol
                      Commercial Transaction Activity
                        Commercial  Transaction
                          Business Activity
                            * Function Service View
                                Business Document
                                  Network Components
                                    Network Actions
                                      Network Component Collaboration

Here is the suggested viewing order:

  1. Use Case View/Main diagram
  2. In treeview, select Use Case View/<<BusinessOperationsMap>>.../<<BusinessArea>>.../ <<ProcessArea>>/<<BusinessRequirementsView>> ReplenishProducts Materials Management Use Case Diagram.
    The ProcessArea is broken into these BusinessProcesses:
    • Negotiate Contract
    • Plan Requirements
    • Replenish Products (the one that is decomposed further)
    • Pay for Products
  3. In tree view, select Use Case View/<<BusinessOperationsMap>>.../<<BusinessArea>>.../ <<ProcessArea>>/<<BusinessRequirementsView>> ReplenishProducts/ Replenish Products Use Case Diagram
  4. In same section, select Authorize Action Use Case Diagram.
  5. Select Logical View/<<BusinessOperationalView>>.../ <<BusinessCollaborationProtocol>>.../ Authorize Action Activity Diagram
  6. Lower in the same section, select <<CommercialTransactionActivity>> Authorize Shipment/ <<CommercialTransaction>> Notify of ShipmentAuthorization/ Notify of ShipmentAuthorization Activity Diagram
  7. Select Logical View/Main Class Diagram
  8. Select Logical View/<<Functional Service View>>.../ Authorize Shipment/Network Components Class Diagram
  9. In same section, select Business Actions Class Diagram
  10. In same section, select Network Component Collaboration Diagram
  11. Under Authorize Shipment, select ShipmentAuthorization Document The details of the document should be filled in here.
  12. In the same section, select AuthorizeShipment(AgentServiceService) Sequence Diagram.