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This team focuses on a broad range of support and analysis activities, including: establishment of Core Components and Core Business Processes, definitions, and work methodologies.

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Sub Teams

Core Components/Business Process Sub Teams

Core Process
This is a sub team of Methodology, Patterns and Analysis that focuses on defining the list of ebXML core processes, development of the ebXML Business Process Methodology Guidelines, and mentoring the Core Components industry domain teams with the ebXML Business Process Methodology.

Listserve: [home page]

Documentation and Deliverables

The deliverable documentation can be accessed via the work-in-progess deliverables page and the draft and approved deliverables page.

Other Documentation

Mailing List Archives
The mailing list archives are available at
Meeting Notes
Teleconference meeting notes are available in the ebXML-ccbp-analysis mailing list archive.

CCBP Delivery Team

The Core Components and Business Process joint Delivery Team manages the schedule for deliverables closely related to Core Components team efforts.

Participation and Mailing List

Your participation in this project team and mailing list is welcomed! Sign-up using the ebXML participation form. Then send email to the mailing list,, describing your interests and desired level participation.

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