ebXML Methodology, Patterns and Analysis: Documentation and Deliverables - Work-In-Progress

The following ebXML Methodology, Patterns and Analysis documents and deliverables are work-in-progress. Comments should be sent to the appropriate email list. Draft and Approved documents are available are available on the public deliverables page.

ebXML Business Process Methodology Guidelines
Work-In-Progress, Version 0.3a. [word-zip] [pdf] elist: ebxml-ccbp-analysis.
ebXML Business Process Specification Template
Work-In-Progress. 3 October 2000. For general ebXML review. [word-zip] elist: ebxml-ccbp-analysis.
Catalog of Core Processes
Work-In-Progress. [doc] [pdf] elist: ebxml-ccbp-analysis.
ebXML Metamodel Example
On-line model available for review.
Matrix of Representation Classes
Work-In-Progress [xls] [pdf]
Industry Analysis Results
Registration Authority Procedures Document
Integrate CC Methodology with BP Methodology
Align with outside methodologies
Guidelines for applying methodology end to end
Commercial transaction level (N090 level)
eCommerce Patterns
Pattern validation
Update CC entry form