CC/BP Delivery Team Plan

The Core Components and Business Process joint Delivery Team schedule follows. The Excel spreadheet version is also available.

  Deliverable Responsible Draft Next Draft Status Comments
1 Deliverables Outline     Shreve/Blantz/Levine 31-Aug-00 6-Oct-00   This Document
2 Agenda for Tokyo     Shreve/McLure 7-Oct-00    
3 Develop BPCC paragraph for TA document     Levine 10-Nov-00      
4 Joint Delivery Team Web Site     Hayes        
5 Issues List     Seaburg 29-Sep-00     On going
6 Matrix of Representation Classes     Probert 18-Aug-00 Tokyo delivered 10/3/00  
7 Industry Analysis Results     Heilig 16-Oct-00      
8 Registration Authority Procedures Document     Probert 10-Nov-00      
9 Integrate CC Methodology with BP Methodology     Hayes/Bryan 9-Oct-00     Primary Responsibility Clark/Sugamata
10 Align with outside methodologies     Clark       On going
11 Guidelines for applying methodology end to end     Hayes 19-Sep-00 15-Oct-00   Includes core processes, patterns
12 Catalog of Core Processes     Hayes 6-Nov-00 12-Feb-01   List first, specifications later
13 Patterns     Clark        
14   Commercial transaction level (N90)   Clark        
15   eCommerce Patterns   Haugen        
16   Pattern validation   Domain teams        
17 Business process specification templat     Hayes 6-Oct-00      
18 Top-to-bottom example     Najmi/Clark/Probert        
19 Update CC entry form     Bryan 31-Aug-00      
20 ebXML metamodel     Riemer/Gregory        
21   Actual ebXML metamodel   Clark        
22   Metamodel specification/UML profile   Clark 15-Oct-00      
23     Incorporate context refinement Gregory 15-Oct-00 10-Nov-00    
24     TPA Alignment Clark/Hayes        
25   Scenarios for use of metamodel   Riemer        
26   Metamodel example   Clark        
27 Core Component Context              
28   Matrix   Kadlek 31-Aug-00 10-Nov-00    
29   Value Classifications   Kadlek 10-Nov-00 1-Feb-01    
30   Rules   Adcock 11-Oct-00     OCL rules become reference
31   Extensibility   Adcock 4-Oct-00      
  Domain Teams              
32 Proof of Concept Proposal     Riemer/Handleman 15-Sep-00      
33 XML format for storage in registry     Lonjon 20-Sep-00      
34 Example     Heilig/Handleman 15-Sep-00      
35   Core Process Model            
36   Automotive Extended Process Model            
37   Core Business Messages            
38   Automotive Extended Business Messages