ebXML CC/BP Context and Metamodel

The Context and Metamodel joint team addresses Core Components and Business Process Methodology issues with respect to Context and the ebXML Business Process Metamodel.


This work focuses on refinement of the ebXML Metamodel, quantification of Context, and alignment of Context with the Metamodel

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The schedule for this team is owned by the Core Components and Business Process joint Delivery Team.

Documentation and Deliverables

The deliverable documentation can be accessed via the work-in-progess deliverables page and the draft and approved deliverables page.

Other Documentation

Mailing List Archives
ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.
Meeting Notes
Teleconference meeting notes are available in the ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.

Participation and Mailing List

Your participation in this team and mailing list is welcomed! Sign-up using the ebXML participation form. Then send email to the mailing lists, ebxml-ccbp-context@lists.ebxml.org describing your interests and desired level participation.

Email list correspondence is archived in the ebxml-ccbp-context elist archive.