ebXML CC/BP Joint Delivery Team: Deliverables

Last Update: 09 January 2001, 11:11

ebXML Business Process Editor Toolset Proof Of Concept - Version 1.1
Status: Submitted. Date: 12/20/00. Business Process Editor Toolset POC Proposal REVISED.doc
Business Collaboration Protocol Specification & Implementation Proof Of Concept
Status: Submitted. Date: 12/13/00. Collaboration POC Proposal.doc

ebXML Business Process Methodology Guidelines
Status: Work-In-Progress. Date: 10/30/00. eMethodologyGuidelinesV0_3a.pdf -- Item on hold pending outcome of Worksheet based approach.
Business Process Specification Template
Status: Work-In-Progress. Date: 11/11/00. BPSpecTemplate_WIP_0_5.zip -- Needs to be updated to reflect the latest Metamodel and UMM (TMWGN090).
POC Example (Materials Management MetaModel Example)
Status: Complete. Date: 11/30/00. mmx