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ebXML Articles and Books

Find out what the press and analyst community are saying about ebXML.

Press Releases
OASIS Newsletters

The Framework for eBusiness
ebXML for Managers
By F.B.E. van Blommestein, Berenschot BV and P.G.L. Potgieser, Interpay Nederland BV
Interpay and ECP.NL publish this booklet to explain the essentials of ebXML, the possibilities for use and the potential benefits for organizations of various sizes. The booklet focuses on managers, not having a technical background, with the intention to provide them with the basic knowledge about ebXML to be used as reference information while making their business decisions.

The Framework for eBusiness
OASIS ebXML Joint Committee, 24 Apr 2006
This white paper provides an overview of the ebXML specifications and their relevance. Adoption detail is included. Produced by members of OASIS, this document provides a useful background for those considering implementing the ebXML technology and/or hybrid approaches.

White paper: Establishing an Inter-RTO Web Service Messaging standard
by Carl Ozkaynak, Dick Brooks, Maxime Pitard, Wipro
Seamless interfacing with business partners is the key component of a successful operation. This is especially true in the case of Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs) who must interface with a variety of entities including other RTOs. This paper gives an overview of how the WS-I Basic Profile, ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS), and Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) simplifies this task as well as provides a framework for establishing the foundation for a successful Web services data exchange.

The Benefits of ebXML for e-Business
IDEAlliance, Dec 2004

HL7 Approves Web Services Profile and ebXML as 24-Month DSTUs for Messaging Standard
XMLMania, 10 May 2004

HL7 Approves Web Services Profile and ebXML as 24-Month DSTUs for Messaging Standard
Cover Pages, 6 May 2004

GM Migrating Suppliers To Covisint Data-Messaging Service
InformationWeek, 22 April 2004

OASIS: ISO approval may spark ebXML critical mass
Search Web Services, 6 April 2004

ISO bewilligt ebXML Oasis-Standards
xml-magazine, 31 March 2004

The International Standards Organization Approves ebXML OASIS Standards
Webservices.org, 30 March 2004

ISO Approves ebXML OASIS Standards
Web Services Journal, 29 March 2004

ISO Signs Off on ebXML Standards
internetnews.com, 29 March 2004

ISO Signs Off on ebXML Standards
Asia internet.com, 29 March 2004

ISO Signs Off on ebXML Standards
EARTHWEBNEWS, 29 March 2004

ISO Approves OASIS E-Business Standards
TechWeb, 29 March 2004

Understanding ebXML, Service-Oriented Architectures and Web Services
Web Services Summit, 29 March 2004
Ed Julson of Sun Microsystems discusses the biggest misconception about ebXML.

ISO Greenlights Four OASIS ebXML Standards
ebizQ, 29 March 2004

EDI maintains enterprise relevance
SearchWebServices.com, 25 March 2004
Incidentally, Fricke said, people should also keep an eye on Electronic Business XML (ebXML), a flavor of XML designed specifically for securely trading business documents online. "It's the embryonic emerging standard," he said. But for this format to really take off, it has to win the endorsement of IT big-timers IBM and Microsoft.

What's Behind Electronic Business XML
Information Week, 1 March 2004
If your company has implemented a simple Web service--such as putting sales leads online for your sales force--then somewhere down the road, ebXML may be in your future. The business-collaboration standard goes beyond specifying how information should be distributed, adding reliability and security specifications to your documents as you exchange messages with business partners across the Web.

Driving Standards
Information Week, 1 March 2004
Volkswagen AG is forging ahead with plans to adopt ebXML. General Motors isn't far behind. The two manufacturers see ebXML as the best choice to replace a costly process of document exchange that relies on conventional EDI, often in conjunction with satellite services. Executives from VW and GM are convinced the rest of the industry will join them soon. "As ebXML becomes standardized, it will become the de facto way everyone does business," says Tony Scott, chief technology officer at GM.

CECID Releases XML Schema Guide Based on UN/CEFACT UMM, ebXML Core Components, and UBL.
Cover Pages, 6 Feb 2004

Remember ebXML? - Doing business in real time
XML Journal, Feb 2004

'Next EDI' gains key proponent
NetworkWorldFusion, 28 Jan 2004
A major commitment from the Department of Defense is expected to give a critical boost to a Web-based, business-to-business communications framework that supporters call the next EDI. The framework is called electronic business using XML (ebXML) and has been under development through a United Nations-backed effort since 1999. While ebXML has gained some momentum overseas, it has yet to catch on as a requirement for doing business in the U.S.

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