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UN/CEFACT OASIS Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) on ebXML

The JCC directs efforts to drive the adoption and implementation of ebXML. While ebXML specifications are advanced by specific OASIS technical committees and UN/CEFACT project teams, both organizations remain committed to jointly managing overall ebXML development, technical architecture, and marketing.


Membership in the ebXML JCC consists of industry experts appointed by OASIS and UN/CEFACT. The committee is made up of five representatives from each of the sponsoring organizations.

Bill Burcham

Sterling Commerce

James Bryce Clark


Patrick J. Gannon


Eduardo Gutentag

Sun Microsystems

Brian Hayes

Collaborative Domain

Klaus Dieter Naujok


Duane Nickull

XML Global

Arijit Sengupta


Ray Walker



Bill BurchamBill Burcham (bill_burcham@stercomm.com) is a Senior Software Architect in the Standards and Applied Technology group at Sterling Commerce. He brings broad technical experience across all components of the ebXML architecture. Mr. Burcham's involvement in ebXML began with leadership in the development of the Registry implementation for the Vienna proof-of-concept demonstration. Subsequently, he led the development and interoperability testing of Sterling Commerce's ebXML Message Service implementation. As an active member of the UBL technical committee, Mr. Burcham collaborates in the development of the architectural and methodological underpinnings of that ebXML Core Components based standard. He is currently investigating the intersection of internal and external (BPSS) process specifications in the context of e-business.
Serving on Behalf of OASIS

Jamie ClarkJames Bryce Clark (jamie.clark@oasis-open.org), Manager for Technical Standards Development, provides direct assistance to the operations of OASIS technical committees. He was a contributor and co-editor of the BPSS business process standards documents for ebXML in 2001, and a member of ebXML's joint coordinating committee, which he continues to chair. He is the current chairman of the Electronic Commerce Subcommittee of the American Bar Association's business law section, and serves on the United States delegation to the e-commerce working group of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). He started practicing law on Wall Street in 1988; prior to joining OASIS, he was a partner in a Los Angeles corporate firm, a frequent speaker and author in complex finance, e-commerce and data privacy law, and general counsel to a healthcare e-commerce consultancy. He holds JD and BS degrees from the University of Minnesota.

Patrick GannonPatrick J. Gannon (patrick.gannon@oasis-open.org) is President and CEO of OASIS. In addition to serving on the OASIS board, Mr. Gannon was also recently appointed to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, where he chairs a team which advises governments in transitional economies on best practices for electronic business. He has worked for BEA Systems, where he served as Senior Vice President in the E-Commerce Integration Division. Prior to BEA, Mr. Gannon served as Vice President of Marketing and Industry Programs at Netfish Technologies and as Vice President of Strategic Programs for the CommerceNet Consortium, directing research and development efforts in new Internet commerce standards such as XML. Mr. Gannon is co-author of the book: "Building Database-Driven Web Catalogs," and is an international speaker on electronic business. He was the President and CEO of Internet Shopping Directory Inc., which he co-founded in 1996 to bring advanced electronic catalog techniques to the online consumer marketplace.
Serving on Behalf of OASIS

Eduardo Gutentag Eduardo Gutentag (eduardo.gutentag@sun.com) is the XML Standardization Lead in the Technology Center of Sun's XML Web Services organization. His responsibilities in this role include tracking activities of XML standards organizations (both "horizontal" and industry specific), coordinating and developing Sun's participation in these activities, and advising on organizational process and IPR issues related to XML standards.

Current and past examples of specific activities include:

  • Serving on OASIS Board of Directors 2003-2005
  • Serving as Sun's Advisory Committee representative to the W3C and as its voting representative to OASIS.
  • Participating as an active member of the OASIS Universal Business
  • Language TC. He is the editor of the upcoming Context Methodology specification within that TC.
  • Served as a member of the OASIS Advisory Committee that, under the chairmanship of Jon Bosak, designed the process currently used by OASIS Technical Committees.
  • Served as a member of the W3C Working Group that produced XSLT, XPath and XSL (Formatting Objects), and is one of the editors of the latter specification.
  • From 1996 to 1999 he chaired the Davenport Group, then the development organization for the widely used DocBook DTD, and negotiated with OASIS the donation and subsequent incorporation of Docbook therein. During that period he developed one of the first complete authoring, linking and formatting implementations of DocBook, for use in Sun's printed and electronic documentation, thus making http://docs.sun.com a reality. He has been involved in the world of SGML and XML since 1991, and has participated and spoken at many events, such as Extreme XML and the annual XML US and XML Europe conferences, on subjects ranging from authoring systems to linking strategies to contextual manipulation of business documents.
Serving on Behalf of OASIS

Brian S. Hayes (brian.hayes@UCLAlumni.net) is the Vice President of Operations for Collaborative Domain. He leads the UN/CEFACT ebXML Business Process Specification Schema project team and is one of the four ebXML Technical Architects. He is also member of the OASIS ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Technical Committee, and the ebXML Joint Technical Liaison Team, and contributes the development of various UN/CEFACT eBTWG and TMWG specifications. Prior to working for Collaborative Domain, he worked at Commerce One where he provided architectural direction for e-business applications and infrastructure.
Serving on Behalf of UN/CEFACT

Duane NickullDuane Nickull is the CTO, VP of Strategic Business Relations of XML Global Technologies, Inc. He is heavily involved in many standards bodies working on global electronic business, serving as the chair of the UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture Group. In the past, Mr. Nickull was co-lead of the ebXML Technical Architecture Project Team as well as co-editor of that specification. He has written and contributed many technical articles and books on this subject and frequently lectures about global electronic business.
Serving on Behalf of UN/CEFACT

Ray WalkerRay Walker is the Special Advisor on Trade Processes and Electronic Business to the United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry. In that role, among his other responsibilities, he is seconded to the UN/CEFACT, where he is a Vice Chair and the Chairman of its Steering Group. Previously, Mr. Walker served as the Chief Executive of the UK's Trade Facilitation agency, SITPRO, and before that spent 14 years in a variety of senior management positions in a major international textile group. He is widely recognized as one of the driving forces behind the development of global electronic business standards such as UN/ EDIFACT and ebXML. For his services to International Trade, Mr. Walker has been made an Officer of the British Empire (OBE).
Serving on Behalf of UN/CEFACT

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